About the Captain


We have special opportunities available in March, April And May 2021:

Help deliver the boat from Grenada to US Virgin Islands March 22-29. (2 spots)

US Virgin Islands Sailing Vacation: Fly to St. Thomas March 31 and out April 7th. (3 spots)

Please call for additional dates and sailing opportunities.

Please call or text Capt. Clint at (602) 359-7982 with questions.

Our ASA courses are taught by Captain Clint Sutter, ASA 2017 Outstanding Sailing Instructor.

Coast Guard 100-ton master.
2012 to present

ASA Instructor

ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, 114, student and instructor level.

Experience operating various types of sailboats (monohulls & catamarans) ranging from 16 to 47 feet.

Captain Clint Sutter at the helm

Captain Clint Sutter

Captain Clint is passionate about sailing and has many years of experience teaching sailing. He has a laid-back style and allows students to learn by doing and making mistakes. Very importantly, Clint understands that students have diverse learning styles and he will work with you the way you learn best.


Captain Clint teaches sailing with careful attention to proven practices which helps ease the stress and apprehension some students begin with. Learning what to do when things don’t go as planned and keeping you and the boat out of trouble is an important aspect of learning to sail with Captain Clint.


Clint also likes to have fun with the crew, which usually includes trips ashore to some of the local restaurants and nightlife.


Just a little background on Captain Clint:


Clint taught himself to sail on his McGregor 22 on Lake Pleasant in Peoria Arizona. He remembers the boat was pretty rough when he bought it and how much pride he took in cleaning it up. He laughs now as he recalls being excited that the boat came with a huge inventory of sails, and then discovered while trying to hoist the main sail for the first time, that it was not even the right sail for that boat. That only made him more determined to learn everything he could about sailing.

He remembers being enamored by the fact he could travel with unlimited range relying on the wind and weather. He said he was hooked the first time he sailed his boat upwind; as his somewhat rebellious nature felt satisfied by the ability of his sailboat to move against the wind rather than with the wind.

Students have frequently asked Clint why he loves sailing and teaching sailing so we thought we would share a few of his responses:


“I love teaching sailing because of how much sailing has taught me”
“I love watching students’ apprehension turn into confidence”
“I want my students to love sailing as much as I do. I want them to leave my classes with confidence and capability and a desire to share their love of sailing with others”
“I love the ocean and the feeling of a boat underway; the boat communicates with you and there is no mistaking a ‘happy boat’ and a boat being pushed too hard”
“I love sailing because it has changed me and so many others I’ve encountered for the better”
“I love watching people build confidence at the helm of a large sailboat (monohull or catamaran)”
“Sailing opened my eyes to a lifestyle attainable to anyone. Essentially, I could sail practically anywhere with limited money and resources”