We have special opportunities available in March, April And May 2021:

Help deliver the boat from Grenada to US Virgin Islands March 22-29. (2 spots)

US Virgin Islands Sailing Vacation: Fly to St. Thomas March 31 and out April 7th. (3 spots)

Please call for additional dates and sailing opportunities.

Please call or text Capt. Clint at (602) 359-7982 with questions.

Not Yot Sailing

Sail more, worry less!

Are you looking for your next vacation idea?

How about sailing in the Caribbean aboard a luxurious catamaran with your own private Captain?
Join us for our 7-day sailing vacation. Sit back and relax with the Captain at the helm or use the opportunity to practice your sailing skills with a licensed captain and ASA Sailing Instructor. Learn more

Learn to sail while on vacation in the Caribbean.

How about learning to sail on our 7-day live aboard ASA sailing course aboard our beautiful Lagoon 39 catamaran? Learn more

Sailing Vacations

Are you looking for your next vacation idea?

Come to beautiful Grenada and the Grenadine Islands and sail with us aboard our luxurious Lagoon catamaran with your own private Captain!

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, anniversary or a relaxing sailing holiday with a group of friends or family, you can’t go wrong with a Caribbean sailing vacation!

Sit back and relax with the Captain at the helm or use the opportunity to practice your sailing skills with a licensed captain and ASA Sailing Instructor and learn more about the cruising lifestyle.

Grenada and the Grenadines islands are beautiful sailing destinations. They offer a mix of longer and shorter sailing passages through some stunning islands with beautiful deserted bays and beaches

This is definitely a sailing vacation, as the Itinerary reflects, but it offers an educational component to the extent you choose.

The beautiful bays and anchorages in the Caribbean offer warm and crystal-clear water perfect for swimming, scuba-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding. You may even want to try kitesurfing. The beaches are spectacular, some with busy beach bars and others with hardly another person in sight.

ASA Sailing Instruction

We offer an incredible experience exploring the islands while earning your American Sailing Association 103, 104, & 114 certifications.

Over the course of the week you will learn to sail and gain knowledge, experience and certifications so that you are able to charter sailboats anywhere in the world.

Note: Please call (602) 882-4398 if you wish to book a private lesson.

The Grenadine IslandsIn case you’re wondering, the Grenadine Islands lie between St Lucia and Granada and form the southern half of the Windward Islands. They are full of historic sites, quaint villages and much more!

Many of the islands have mountainous terrain with spectacular hiking trails as well as long stretches of white sand beaches, brilliant turquoise crystal-clear waters and spectacular reefs. The underwater visibility is amazing and scuba diving in this region is said to be fantastic. Much of this region is barely touched by resort tourism.

The Caribbean is an ideal destination for your yacht charter vacation, so come and enjoy a relaxing, hassle-free vacation!

What does Not Yot mean?

Not Yot is a term my friends and I came up with over drinks at anchor. Not Yot represents a philosophy and an approach to teaching…and a passion for sailing. Not Yot is sharing the sailing life style and helping others in attaining theirs.

“Not Yot“ has taken on many meanings over the years.:

“Not Yot is reeling in a fish under full sail and hove-to. It’s being helpful on the docks. It’s a sunset cocktail.” -Capt. Clint

What does “Not Yot” mean to you?

The Not Yot experience shouldn’t end once you’ve completed our courses. Stay in contact with us and let us share your stories with other new sailors.


Excellent to work with, excellent training, looking forward to the next class.

– Denny Lester

Had a great time and learned a lot. It was enjoyable learning about the systems and processes of the catamaran, and the boat itself was awesome. Thanks.

– David Lyons

The instructor was perfect, patient and friendly.

– Sanchari Sen

Capt. Clint creates an easy environment for learning, provides hands-on examples, and ensures sailors focus on the practical application of the ASA skills. I took the course as a refresher before heading out into the BVIs and still found a great balance between fun, challenge, and getting comfortable skippering my own boat. I’ve been getting sailing training from Clint for over 5 years and I’m still impressed with his knowledge and surprised about how much I learn in the middle of having fun.

– CR Herro

Clint was a very easy going yet very effective instructor. His style is actual experience first, then theoretical understanding will follow.

– Rick Jones

I got my ASA 101 certification with Captain Clint and it was amazing. My wife bought me sailing lessons since I’ve always wanted to learn how to sail. Best weekend ever to be honest! Clint was really knowledgeable and patient. He let me try everything out until I really learned it. He was just a chill, easy going guy who really wanted you to learn sailing. I will be taking more classes with Clint in the future.

– Roda Hajo

Not only was sailing the boat so much fun, our instructor was very informative, funny, and helpful throughout the entire course.

– Tim Dahl

Capt. Clint went above and beyond to make sure that the class was enjoyable and informative.

– Kevin Harris